OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING provides a guidance through every phase of a complex process that begins with the creation of a list of program requirements, continues through design, construction and furnishing and ends with assistance and advice on the management and long term maintenance of the facility after it has been constructed.  

 ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING expresses our belief that architecture that is not preceded by a critical analysis of user needs and the development of a long term “master-plan” for future requirements is not useful. At the same time, planning outside of its architectural and aesthetic context is meaningless. Our approach is to unite the two with services tailored to the particular requirements of each project and client. In addition to programming, our methodology relies on the generation of realistic development alternatives and implementation strategies.

 ARCHITECTURAL PLAN defines possible scenarios, phases and alternatives for property growth and development. At every stage of development, our schemes are accompanied by carefully prepared cost estimates with which we are able to assist the owner in the evaluation and choice of building solutions likely to return them the greatest value. In addition to architectural design and technical drawings, we also offer complete administrative and management services during the bidding and construction process.